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Wounded giraffe by Jakub Nowak (me) I used roller 1 mm
I just realized that my outfit looks like Gru’s cosplay…
Pika pika!
Zaandam Hotel in Amsterdam *_*
Salvador Dali - Amazing creator, and my inspiration.
Go f;_;ck yourself life, I love you, but f;_;ck you…
My mask, from halloween. Scarecrows rulez! Made of shopping bag.
Koła zataczają wszelkie istnienia.
Kind of hipster style, but his cargo pants with boots caught my attention. I added the photo to my fashion folder, maybe I’ll pull something out of it.
Good night everybody 
I want it *.* 

What happens when Batman sees Catwoman?


Puga! Puga does everythingFollow me :) I’m so lonely ;_;